It was with great excitement that I announce my bid for re-election to Bexley City Council. It has been an honor to serve our thriving city for the past four years.

During my first term in office, I served as chair of both the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. I strive to keep our community one to which the children of Bexley will someday want to return to raise their own families. That is why I have been working hard to make positive changes while also celebrating the many aspects of our city that work well. The most fulfilling work of my first term was serving as vice chair of a citizens’ group charged with updating a strategic framework plan for Southwest Bexley. By listening to and working with the steering committee while also integrating community feedback, our committee successfully developed a comprehensive strategy which will guide the future of this region. I am especially passionate about revitalizing the area of Bexley most commonly known as Ferndale and Mayfield and am dedicated to sustaining the efforts of the administration, Council, the City Investment Corporation (CIC), and the Recreation Department to successfully enhance the quality of life, safety, and aesthetics in this part of the City.

During the past four years, I advocated for the redevelopment of Main Street, the continued growth of community services in the Recreation Department, and various measures to support the Police Department’s all-important duty of keeping Bexley safe. With my voice and vote, I stood up for non-discrimination, hands-free driving, and an increase in the age in which individuals can purchase tobacco in our city.

The hallmark of my success as a council member is that I am a talented community builder. Being out and about in our community and seeking counsel and opinions from our citizens is paramount. It is clear to me that some citizens just want to be heard, while others just want to be informed. Beyond my council duties, I have led an effort to gather Bexley and its surrounding neighbors five times a year to create shared community experiences. This is the fifth season in which I have chaired Bexley’s summer outdoor more than movies– movie series on Capital University’s lawn known as THE MAIN EVENT. Created to be a gift, this event is community building at its finest. Together with my committee, I host an opportunity for as many as 1,000 people to come and be a part of what makes Bexley so great – the community.

Jonathan, my husband of 22 years, and I are the proud parents of Adelaide, Annabelle, and Julius. While always engaged with my family and serving my Bexley community, I still find time to share my energy with other organizations. As chair of the board of the St. Vincent Family Center, I work hard to help some of the most fragile children of our state combat mental and behavior challenges. I am also a member of the Jewish Family Services board, a former board member of the Bexley Historical Society, and an active member of TWIG 2.

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